Friday, July 22, 2011

More of my latest obsession!

I am a person who finds rules, patterns and instructions very confining.  I do understand that rules, patterns and instructions are so very useful and have their place but, whenever possible I like to have my way!  I made somewhat of a design for my quilt and then did my own thing.

From here I only had a loose idea about what I wanted.  Problem is, most of the things I wanted to do from here are way beyond my capabilities.  I am having so much fun figuring out how to handle most of this.  I started trying to put things directly on the recycled jeans.

This proved to be very painful.  Couldn't maneuver it on the sewing machine so ended up having to do it by hand.  Real messy I know.  Then I decided to put everything else on little panels.  That was not a pretty sight when I tried to attach it to the quilt.  Anyway I am going to keep at it until I just get to frustrated.  Any ideas and suggestions are welcome! 

From Meandering With My Muse

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